By Will Mainord, Boat Manager/Captain

We often get questions from divers new to boat diving about proper etiquette, procedures, tips, etc. Here are a few quick pointers to help you along.

First, always arrive at least a half an hour early to fill out waivers and any other necessary paperwork – 45 minutes early is ideal. Next, always wait to board and bring any gear on the vessel until the captain has given the all clear and permission to board.

Once on board, neatly store all gear and gear bags under your allotted space on the boat. Make sure to leave any unnecessary items and travel bags in the car or storage area provided by the shop, as space may be limited on the boat. Always listen to the captain and divemaster's briefings - they are giving you important safety and procedure information that may come in handy! At the end of the trip it is customary to tip the crew for good service. When I dive on my days off I give $5 per tank gratuity – and sometimes more if I feel like they provided outstanding service.

Lastly, we offer Boat Diver as specialty course, or part of our Advanced Open Water if you would like to learn more about boat knowledge and procedures. Mention this article for $20 off the normal price for any specialty. Hope to see everyone on board soon!

AuthorJeremy Jarosky