By Talia Byerly, DM Extraordinaire !

Lionfish Big and Small, Let’s Catch Them All! Do you like to hunt, eat fish, or interested in the conservation of the beautiful coral reefs here in South Florida? Join us on a free educational workshop on Lionfish where you can help clean up our reefs! Save the date for July 30th at 11am and you too can help control the populations of these invasive species.

Lionfish are native to Pacific waters, so how did they end up in the Atlantic? Why do they have such a large impact on the reef? Stop in the shop for the hour and a half workshop where our guest speaker, Ana Zangroniz, will elaborate on the history of lionfish in the Atlantic, and their biology and ecology. This is a great opportunity to learn why it is important that we help maintain these populations.

Afterwards put your knowledge to the test on an afternoon out with Odyssey Charters. We will be diving the 3rd reef line to see how many lionfish we can catch! A $25 gift card will be awarded to the diver who catches the most lionfish!

The cost is $65 per diver for the two tank trip; we will have a few zookeepers on board but bring your spears, gloves, and snips! Don’t have all the gear you need to catch lionfish, no worries stop by Pompano Dive Center and we will get you ready for the big day!  We can’t wait to see you there. - Call (954) 788-0208 to register for the dives !

AuthorJeremy Jarosky