Authorized Scubapro and Halcyon Service Center

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Regulator and BCD Service

We service the full line of Scubapro and Halcyon Regulators. We only use factory authorized and trained technicians, with current certifications. All parts are ordered direct from the manufacturer, so you can be sure your life support gear will perform when you need it most.


Scuba Cylinder Service

We perform yearly inspections, commonly known as “VIPS” in house. We use a third party for all hydrostat services which need to be conducted every 5 years. We also offer o2 cleaning, valve rebuilds, cylinder paint removal, tumbling, and more. We are very experienced with Doubles, Stage Bottles, Rebreather bottles, of all shapes, sizes, and manufacturer. With 17,000 cuft of mixed gas banked, we can also fill it with your gas of choice, in a quick and seamless service.

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Dive Computer Service

We service all user replaceable batteries in house. We have all Scubapro batteries in stock for wrist units, transmitters, Heart Rate monitors, and more ! For computers that must be sent back to the manufacturer for service, we offer a streamlined service by shipping them and receiving them on your behalf. No charge for shipping them if your registered products were purchased from us, and we only charge actual shipping for items that don’t qualify for complimentary shipping !