Tony Ernst

Tony Ernst


Tony Ernst, Manager and Scuba Instructor

Born and raised in South Florida, our manager Tony has been around the water his whole life.  When he was stationed in Okinawa, Japan while in the Marines, a friend convinced him to try out scuba diving.  He immediately fell in love with diving and decided that someday he was going to become an instructor.  That goal became a reality in 2012 and since then, he has been sharing his passion for the underwater world with everyone he can -with Instructor ratings from PADI, SSI, and HSA. Tony's favorite diving course was GUE Fundamentals.  Building a solid foundational skill set in that course has allowed him to pass along the best knowledge to his students while teaching.  When not at work, you can find Tony rooting in vain for the Miami Dolphins or enjoying time with his Fiancé and four children.

Favorite Dive Site:  Hydro Atlantic

Favorite Scuba Equipment:  Scubapro MK25EVO/S620Ti Regulators


Chris Weber, Sales Associate and Scuba Instructor

Chris, one of the companies experienced dive instructors and sales associates was born and raised in Toledo Ohio. His family trips to southern Florida every summer are how he developed his love for the ocean. His desire to expand his knowledge about the ocean and marine life was his drive to become a dive instructor. Chris became a certified SSI dive instructor in 2008; in general Chris has been enjoying the underwater world for sixteen years. Needless to say his decision to move to Fort Lauderdale in 2011 was easy, given the opportunities in the area. He has traveled to many prime dive locations in the Caribbean such as Cozumel, St Lucia, Curacao, Bonaire, Barbados, Roatan, Bahamas and Grenada with his favorite destination being Little Cayman.

Following his move to Fort Lauderdale he has acquired his Instructors certification with PADI and has certified numerous dive students along the way. With Chris holding duel instructor certification in SSI and PADI he is able to certify for both agencies, this allows Chris to certify a wide variety of students. Chris is always continuing to expand his knowledge in the scuba world. Chris and His wife Connie enjoy diving together and playing golf in their free time.

Favorite Dive Site:  Tenneco Towers

Favorite Scuba Equipment:  Scubapro Mantis M2 Wrist Computer


Jimmy Gadomski, Sales Associate and Technical Scuba Instructor

A native of New Jersey, Jimmy moved to Florida at a young age and grew up diving the waters of Florida and the Caribbean. Over 10 years ago, Jimmy took his first dive in the Bahamas and he’s been hooked ever since. Now a TDI, SDI, and PADI Instructor, he has made it his passion to not only continue learning, but loves sharing his knowledge through teaching. When he’s not working in the shop, the tank room, or on the boats as an instructor or divemaster, Jimmy enjoys technical diving and spearfishing all throughout Florida. In the winter months, he’ll gear up in his 7mm wetsuit or trade-in his fins for his snowboard and heads to the mountain with the most powder.

Favorite Dive Site:  Sucre

Favorite Scuba Equipment:  Shearwater Perdix Trimix Wrist Computer


Rebecca "Becca" Romer, Sales Associate and Community Events

Growing up with a love for kayaking and hiking, she chose to study Outdoor Recreation at SIU. Through school she mastered how to facilitate learning in outdoor environments. This combined with her respect of the ocean lead her to completing a 600 hour internship with her local dive shop. She became hooked on diving and the underwater world from the beginning! She made a career change to work full time in the dive industry and 2 years later has worked her way through the dive leader program to become an SSI Dive Control Specialist. Looking to get involved in ocean conservation, her career brought her to Pompano Dive Center. When she is not in the shop, you will find her on the boat leading dives to explore the reefs and wrecks!

Favorite Dive Site:  The Captain Dan !

Favorite Scuba Equipment:  DUI Drysuit, in Purple!


Saffron "Saffy" Rivett, Sales Associate and Social Networking

Growing up in Michigan, Saffron has been surrounded by water her entire life. She became Open Water certified at the young age of 12 and traveled to many dive sites throughout the years with her dad. In college she studied Aquatic Biology and Environmental Science. Her love for animals and warm weather took her to Costa Rica where she worked at a Sea Turtle Conservation project. Now a PADI and SDI Instructor she continues to share her love for the underwater world with others at Pompano Dive Center.

Favorite Dive Site:  The Lady Luck / Newtown Creek

Favorite Scuba Equipment:  Scubapro Seawing Novas, in white !