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Free Intro to Post Production: iMovie

May 20th, 2017 at 2:00pm, Pompano Dive Center will be hosting Keith Brock from The Lionfish Rescue and Education Foundation for an "Intro to iMovie" Post Production course.

Keith uses a GoPro system on each of his dives and always has fun capturing and making videos to share.

This class is specifically catered to:

-Anyone who has access to iMovie, and a hard drive of underwater footage - but doesn't know where to start!

-Anyone who wants to make easy and funs videos to share with family and friends!

-Anyone who currently uses iMovie and is looking for solid information that can take their videos to the next level.


This class will cover

- Color Correction techniques

- Use of iMovie Themes and Music Selection

- Keyboard shortcuts and useful, time saving, commands.

- Transitions and their use

- Trimming Clips.

-How to share your files on Social Media (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc)

- Workflow, organization, and More!


This course will be 2-3 hours of easy to understand information to take your iMovie videos to the next level.

This class is FREE, but spaces are limited. Please call 954-788-0208 or sign up at this event page right away, to ensure you have a spot!