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Spiegel Grove with PDC !

On June 3rd, 2017 we are diving the Spiegel Grove! This wreck was sunk in 2002 as apart of artificial reef system in Key Largo.

Over 500 feet long, and 140~ deep, but there are plenty of places to explore in the 80-110' range.

Cost is $70 per diver plus tax, if you have your own tanks.

Cost is $85 per diver plus tax, including AL 80 Air tanks.

Cost is $109 per diver plus tax, including AL 80 Nitrox tanks.

We will be doing a double dip at this wreck, so we ask you are Advanced Open Water Certified or above. We will have about an hour surface interval for those divers doing 2 recreational dives.

If you hold a Technical certification, we will simultaneously be doing one long extended deco dive. Run times can be 120min or less.

Your Trip leader is Jimmy Gadomski, Tech Instructor. We will be meeting at 12:00N and dive at 1:00pm.

To reserve your spot call (954)788-0208. Let them know which option ($70, $85, or $109) and pre pay.

Replying "going" does not secure your spot - but will include you in the discussion and updates for the event !