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PADI Womens Dive Day - Technical Hydro Dive

Join Pompano Dive Center, and Emilie with her rEvo !

This event is for a technical dive on the Hydro Atlantic. We have recreational trips for Womens Dive Day also !

For the past two years, divers from every corner of the globe have come together for PADI Women's Dive Day to bond over their love of the ocean and a passion for diving. This growing tradition will continue on 15 July 2017, further strengthening and supporting the female dive community through a day of fun, adventure and camaraderie.

PADI Dive Centers and Resorts hosted more than 700 events in 77 countries last year for the second annual PADI Women's Dive Day on 16 July 2016. Since the 2015 inaugural event, the celebration has continued to gain momentum as new and experienced divers gear up for everything from high tea on the high seas to shark dives and underwater cleanups.

Join Pompano Dive Center!

$60 Special Rate instead of our normal $80

"Going" on here does not secure your spot - please call 954-788-0208 to get on our boat manifest!