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Free Lionfish Education Workshop - Optional Dives after

Ana Zangroniz, a volunteer with Biscayne National Park will be giving a "Lionfish Education Workshop" at 11:00am on July 30th, 2017 at Pompano Dive Center. This will get you up to speed for our PM dives that same day, departing at 1:30pm. ( They are more active at or near dusk )

The workshop will be about 1.5 hours long. This workshop is FREE.

That afternoon, we will put that knowledge to work to eradicate some Lionfish! The boat will depart at 1:30pm, and come back around 5:30p, full of Lionfish!

Cost for the 2 tank charter, will be our normal charter fee of $65.00. You can participate in either, or both events! We will be visiting the 3rd Reef for Lionfish Removal. We will supply a few Zookeepers on board, but you will be responsible for bring spears, gloves, snips, etc.

Please call 954-788-0208 to book a spot for the dive and/or seminar, signing up for the event here does not guarantee you a spot on the boat. Please remember to call !

The Workshop will include information on:

-History and status of LF invasion in the Atlantic.

-Lionfish biology and ecology

-Impacts of invasion for ecosystem, and humans.

With emphasis on:

-Safe diving practices.

-Safe collection, handling, removal of spines.

We will also be dissecting a lion fish at the Seminar, and each we time we are surprised by what we see in the stomach. They eat ANYTHING ! The last one we dissected had 7 fish inside !

The Lionfish Rescue and Education Foundation ( will also be in attendance to answer additional questions, and to let you know how you can have a positive impact on our local Ocean!

Please visit for more information about the over 12,000 Lionfish caught, and reported to Reef Rangers.